There are loads of plumbers out there – just look at your local catalog or do a search online for ‘local plumbers’. However with so much choice out there, how do you choose who to go with to get the best value for money?

It is important to get the right plumber as not only are you trusting this person in your home but they will also be working with both complicated and dangerous systems that can cause harm to the homeowner. If the system is not installed, removed or repaired correctly it can cause serious damage to not only your home but also your health. Therefore we cannot stress enough to research extensively before deciding upon a plumber or plumbing company.

Here are the 5 things that AS Plumbing believes clients should consider:

Number One: Are They Licensed? 

There are some cowboy plumbers out there who do not have a license. It should be noted plumbing is a profession that requires a license to practice, it is complicated work that takes years of knowledge and practice to deal with the range of plumbing issues out there. At AS Plumbing all of our plumbers have up-to-date training to make sure their licenses are valid.

Number Two: Are They Insured?

This is potentially as important as being licensed. Like with any profession mistakes can be made even by the best and of course accidents happen. On the rare occasion that such a mistake or accident happens, you will want your plumber to be fully bonded and insured – if not this could result in a rather expensive ‘clean up’. You will be glad to know that AS Plumbing are fully insured to cover any unpredictable event.

Number Three: Reviews And Feedback. 

Before getting any work done you should weigh up your options. Honest reviews and feedback from people you trust tend to be the best options when determining how good a service is. Likewise there are platforms that monitor and review companies and freelancers in the trade industry, such as

Number Four: Ask Questions. 

For your own benefit and also the plumbers it is important to ask questions about your plumbing situation. Example questions could be – explain the nature of the problem? what can be done to prevent this situation from occuring again? have you dealt with this problem before? Asking questions like this will put you at ease depending on the answers of course. What you should be looking for is a clear indication of knowledge, experience and professionalism. If you would like to ask us any questions we would also be happy to help by ringing 0787 264 8729.

Number Five: Compare.

Before purchasing an item you would compare it to other items – the same should most definitely be done with services, like plumbing. We advise looking at your local plumbers and selecting two or three that seem good – they should be compared on the criteria above but also additional aspects such as price, credibility and timescale.

Obviously, in an emergency situation this much research isn’t possible – that’s why you should find a plumber beforehand or trust proven companies like AS Plumbing to carry out emergency repairs / installations.

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