Water bills seem to be increasing as fresh, clean water becomes more scarce. To help you save money we have provided three actions that you can implement in your household or business to keep these bills at a minimum – thus saving you money and also helping the environment out.

Below you will find three tips to reduce your water footprint at home:

Number one: Technology – Smart Home Products

Technology is great and can be utilised in every industry to help reduce costs and increase efficiency. Plumbing and water consumption has seen recent and impressive developments in technology. The talk of the market at the moment is smart showheads that give you cues when your shower has used a ‘reasonable’ amount of water. It does this by being installed on the pipe and tracking the data through an application. When used with other gadgets, such as smart sprinkler systems, efficiency is at a maximum and therfore costs will be at minimum.

Number Two: Water Heaters

Using high-powered burners that heat only the water you need on-demand, tankless water heaters are both water and energy efficient, with as much as 30% greater efficiency than their tank counterparts. Heat pump water heaters are another option for those looking to reduce water and energy consumption.

If this option isn’t for you, there are still many alternative energy-efficient options – for example look for a water heater with the Energy Star seal. Another way to optimize the efficiency of your water heater is to make sure it’s properly sized – this is something you can get in contact with AS Plumbing about if you need consultation.

Number Three: Repair Leaks

You see the signs everywhere in public places; universities, cafes, your office bathrooms and so on. Reporting a leaky tap and then having a plumber to fix it can save lots of water. However there are also pipe leaks which you might not even be aware of, which are costing your household or business extra £’s each month. It is important to check for leaks and get them taken care of immeditately, you will be surprised if there is a leak and how much water / money is being wasted.

If you require any assistance or advice when it comes to reducing your water footprint via plumbing means let AS Plumbing know and we will be sure to help. Hopefully this blog post will provide some value in helping you save water for the environment and save money for yourselves.

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